Sudan coup 2021: All you need know on how di Sudan coup take happun

Hentet fra  BBC world news 25.10.2021

Protesters wey dey support civilian leaders don dey protest for di streets of di capital

Di coup wey happun for Sudan, where di prime minister and im cabinet don chop arrest and wey goment don dey dissolved na di latest crisis di kontri dey witness.

On top di political tensions, Sudan economy bin don dey deep crisis, wit high inflation and shortages of food, fuel and medicine.

Di coup don make many international powers dey worry as dem only of recent begin forge relations wit Sudan afta years of isolation.

Di coup dey come few months afta Guinea coup and afta di Taliban take ova goment for Afghanistan.

Dis na wetin you need know about di Sudan coup.

Wetin be di background to di coup?

Military and civilian leaders bin dey share power since August 2019 afta dem overthrow Sudan long-term authoritarian President Omar al-Bashir.

Military comot Bashir but plenty pipo come enta street to protest dey demand for civilian rule wey force di military to negotiate plan to get democratic goment.

Di kontri suppose dey that level now, where civilians and military leaders go dey rule di kontri together on one joint committee wey dey known as di Sovereign Council.

But di two groups nor dey gree.

Wetin dey cause di tension?

One protester makes the victory sign against a backdrop of burning tyres


Military leaders for di transitional goment dey demand for reforms from their civilian counterparts and want make dem replace cabinet.

But civilian leaders ignore am, as dem see am as power grab.

Plenty failed coups don dey since 2019, di most recent na that of last month.

Di top civilian figure, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, blame Bashir loyalists – many of dem dey di military, security services and other state institutions.

In recent weeks, many pipo wey support di army enta street to protest for di kontri capital, Khartoum, di group wey also dey back di prime minister also do counter-protests.

Di protesters wey dey support di military accuse goment say dem fail to revive di kontri fortunes.

Oga Hamdok moves to reform di economy – wey include reducing fuel subsidies – na something wey everybody no flow wit.

Sudan political weakness get long precedent.

For previous decades. Di political parties wey don split and their inability to build consensus time and again give way for di military to step in, mount coups under pretense say dem go restore order – as regional analyst Magdi Abdelhadi write.

Today for Sudan, at least 80 political parties na im dey.

Dis same factionalism disturb di Sovereign Council, where internal divisions among both di military and civilian camps push political consensus yet further out of reach.

Wetin dey happun now?

Sudan coup


Oga patapata of di Sovereign Council for inside speech wey e give, announce di state of emergency and dissolve both di cabinet and di council.

Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan add join say elections would go hold for July 2023.

Reports say sojas detain Prime Minister Hamdok dis morning plus several other ministers.

E also be like say di military don take over di state TV and radio headquarters.

Internet also don dey restricted.

African Union, UN, di Arab League plus di US, don express deep concern on top Monday coup.

Wetin fit happun next?

One government ministry dey call on pipo to stage peaceful protests


According to di kontri information ministry on Facebook page, di prime minister bin call on pipo to come out show support for di goment.

Fotos and reports wey dey comot from Khartoum show demonstrators for di city.

Di military don also send sojas to restrict movements.

For June 2019, before dem agree democratic rule, sojas open fire on top protesters for Khartoum wey kill at least 87 pipo.

Memories of that massacre go dey play on di minds of pipo as di two sides face each other.

How di world dey react to di Sudan Coup

Many world leaders don condemn di military takeover for Sudan, and ask di opposing parties wey dey fight to dialogue:

  • Di African Union call for immediate resumption of dialogue between di military and civilians for Sudan.
  • Di United States say e dey deeply worried. Di US special envoy to di Horn of Africa support transitional goment. E say coup dey against di democratic aspirations of di Sudanese pipo.
  • UN don condemn di coup. Envoy to Sudan say di detentions dey unacceptable and call on all parties to immediately return to dialogue.
  • Di Arab League say e dey concerned for Sudan transition to civilian rule.
  • Di European Union foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell don ask all stakeholders and regional partners to put di process back on track.
  • East African body, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad), don condemn di coup for Sudan, say na setback for di kontri transition to civilian rule.
  • Di Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) don reject army takeover of power and urge di Sudanese pipo to challenge di «military coup», pro-opposition website Al-Rakoba report.
  • Di United Nations Secretary General don ask Sudan military to release di prime minister and «all other officials» immediately. For inside one Twitter post, e condemn di coup. E say di constitutional charter must dey respected in full, plus citizens of Sudan get international body’s support.