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Vil ha to norske bistandsbudsjetter i år

Verdens matvareprogram har aldri forvaltet så mange nødhjelps-milliarder som i fjor, men i 2018 trenger WFP enda mer. – Fordi de underliggende konfliktene ikke blir løst, vokser de humanitære behovene, sier FN-organisasjonens innsamlingssjef Rasmus Egendal til Bistandsaktuelt

South Sudan’s Starving Children Turned to Beggars

Do not be misled into thinking that those who remain at home in South Sudan, those who haven’t fled the fighting, are living a normal life. Four million people have been uprooted from their homes, half of them having fled the country. But even for those who’ve stayed put, the ‘lucky’ ones residing in the peaceful areas, life is unimaginably tough

South Sudan in Focus (episode 12)

South Sudan in Focus airs at 7:30 pm in Juba (1630 UTC) and can be heard on FM stations throughout South Sudan, on shortwave, and on VOA’s 24-hour channel in Nairobi at 8:30 pm. The program is hosted by John Tanza in Washington D.C., and a network of reporters around South Sudan and in Washington produce the stories that are heard on South Sudan in Focus