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Darfur Paramilitaries Adhere to Arms Collection

A number of Border Guards members in West Darfur have complied to the weapons collection order of the Sudanese government and handed over weapons and vehicles they illegally owned, contrary to Border Guards in North Darfur.

How to care for a million refugees

In the mid-morning of July 30, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, the deputy Spokesperson of the SPLA-IO, one of the rebel movements wedging war against Salva Kiir’s government in South Sudan, sat under the shade of a big tree watching as dozens of his countrymen and women crossed one by one, and trudged into Uganda, mainly on foot.   A few pushed bicycles up the hill carrying mattresses, cooking pots, jerrycans, chickens, and goats. The women and young girls followed with babies strapped on their backs.

National Dialoque: A Critical Perspectives

Is the National Dialogue in South Sudan turning out to be a nice surprise to those who wanted it but feared that it would not succeed, or a disappointment to those who opposed it or predicted its failure?