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What will the Sudanese People in the Darfur Region Expect in the New Year 2018?

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman: The Sudanese people are not sure of what is hidden in the New Year 2018 under the rule of the despotic regime of the National Congress Party (NCP), which is led by the tyrant, genocidal criminal and the fugitive from the international justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir who is seeking protection from the countries his National Islamic Front (NIF) used to call them the arrogant colonial Countries of Russia and America whose torment had neared

Sudan: Rooted in History, Looking Into the Future

The Turkish rule as it is called lasted in Sudan for 64 years and as Sudan is preparing to celebrate its 62nd anniversary as an independent state, it welcomes the Turkish President RecepTayyib Erdogan, the first Turkish president to visit Sudan ever, though Erdogan visited the country before as prime minister back in 2006 and to be the first Muslim leader to visit the troubled region of Darfur