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A new strongman in Sudan? Experts aren’t so sure

When Sudan’s protest leaders signed a preliminary power-sharing agreement with the ruling military council in early July, they had no choice but to shake hands with the man many of them accuse of ordering a massacre just a month earlier

Nytt håp for Sudans framtid

Folket i Sudan er ett skritt nærmere drømmen om demokrati. Protestbevegelsen har inngått en avtale med militærrådet som bringer håp til alle dem som har kjempet for et friere Sudan

87 killed, 168 wounded in Sudan’s deadly crackdown

The head of a Sudanese investigation into the violent break up of a protest by security forces said on Saturday that 87 people were killed and 168 wounded in the June 3 incident in Khartoum, citing a higher death toll than previous official estimates

Sudan extends ceasefire with southern rebels

Sudanese and South Sudanese officials agreed late on Saturday with the leader of an alliance of armed factions operating along their joint border to extend a ceasefire and grant humanitarian access to some areas affected by conflict in Sudan