Sudan: Movements Signing to Peace Calls On Political Forces, Civil Administration to Participate in Arms Collection

Hentet fra AllAfrica (ingen journalist kreditert)

The Secretary General of the Liberation and Justice Party , Tajul-Deen Niam has demanded the importance of engagement of all the Sudanese components in the campaign for the collection of arms in Darfur state and Kordufan that have started last week led by Vice President of the Republic, the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Collection of Firearms and Unlicensed Cars.

Niam stressed during his address at the National Forum for Media Production, on role of the movement signing to the peace in the collection of arms, the strategic objective of the collection of firearms for the movements.

He indicated importance of participation of National Dialogue (7+7) Mechanism , the leaderships of the other political forces and the civil administration, beside the organization of the civil society for achieving peace and stability in the Sudanese community.

The Political Secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, Yazid Dafulla Rashash, said that their movement considers the arms collection campaign as part of outcomes of the committee of peace and unity of the national dialogue, noting to the collection and registration of the arms of the movements signing to peace at the commission for disarmament.

He pointed out that the firearms collection process should have been preceded by procedures related to the reconciliation and arrangements of the situations of the fighters of the movements by completing process of the security arrangements.

He said the decision for the collection of arms would play a major role in pushing forward and improve the Sudan’s external relations, particularly lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan and lifting its name from the list of terrorism.