South Sudan is a disaster. Its president says: Not my fault.

Hentet fra Washington Post | By Kevin Sieff 15.10.2017

— President Salva Kiir has presided over the world’s youngest nation as it descended into civil war, famine and a historic refugee crisis.

The United Nations says his military is responsible for ethnic cleansing. The United States has imposed sanctions on some of his closest associates.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir says in an interview in Juba that he has no regrets about prosecuting a war that has killed tens of thousands and caused a hunger crisis. (Photo by Peter Bauza/For The Washington Post)

But in a rare interview, Kiir presented himself as a defiant leader who has been maligned, a man too preoccupied with waging war to consider any possible mistakes, a onetime fan of Donald Trump who thinks America should worry about human rights abuses on its own soil.

“I did not do anything that can make me regret,” he said Thursday in his office in the country’s military headquarters, wearing the cowboy hat he received as a gift from George W. Bush.

The Trump administration is so worried about South Sudan’s disastrous situation that it is sending Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to the country later this month. She has criticized its government for perpetrating a conflict that has caused a massive hunger crisis. Other administration officials have suggested that U.S. aid to South Sudan could be withdrawn.