Halle Jørn Hanssen om fredsavtalen i Sør-Sudan


Tomorrow among others, the following men meet in Khartoum to sign what they call a peace agreement for South Sudan, but it is a shame piece of paper.

1. The host, the former military coup maker from 1989, the self-imposed, so-called President of Sudan, Omar Bashir who carries an International arrest order from the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity, gross violations of Interrnational conventions dealing with the conduct of war and for encouraging his soldiers to mass rape women belonging to what he saw being his enemy in Darfur.

2. The Prime Guest at this event will be Salva Kiir, the de facto illegal President of South Sudan and the main responsible for the totally failed State and destroyed society of South Sudan.

Salva Kiir has held power in South Sudan since the death/the probable murder of the great liberation leader, John Garang 30th July 2005. Salva Kiir has increasingly since 2005 demonstrated that he never was fit to be the Head of State, Head of Government and Chairman of SPLM. His failure picked with his and his henchmen coup d’etat on 15th December 2013. He and his henchmen could not take that a democratic opposition within and outside SPLM was developing because of his many failures and mistakes as a political leader. Salva Kiir has since December 2013 ruled as the Dictator of South Sudan. Today Salva Kiir stands out as a total failure as a political leader, he is sick from the combination of Diabetes 2 and heavy drinking of alchohol, tired and dangerously irrational in his political behavior. He and his henchmen and henchwomen have since turned the state into their own machine for cleptocracy, and they have stolen some 10 to 12 billion USD from their own people and placed the money in tax havens, mostly in Arab countries.

They have since December 2013 aggressively fought a war against their own people. Some 100 000 have been killed or lost their lives from war related causes, and many thousands of women an children have been raped by Kiir’s soldiers and with the consent of the Dictator. Some 4 to 5 millions are forcefully displaced from their homes and some 2 million of them are now refugees in neighbouring countries. For most of the rest of the people of South Sudan their survival depends on International humanitarian assistance.

3. Other guests of honour in Khartoum. Heads of State from IGAD countries, like Uganda’s Museveni, will be there, and so will other leading government representatives from other African countries, China, Russia aso. In short all the International predators now looking forward to exploite for cheap South Sudan’ enormous natural riches will be there.

4. From South Sudan the following will be absent: All members of SSOA who are concerned with the values and principles related to democracy, human rights and development with social justice, all women and youth groups in South Sudan who share these values and principles.

The same goes for all International solidarity groups who share the values and principles of democracy and human rights and development with social justice,they also will be absent. It is extremely sad that the so-called peace process for South Sudan now will have a kind of end which is a big victory for the tradition of African Dictatorship headed by the Dictators and war criminals, Omar Bashir and Salva Kiir.

The losers are again the people of South Sudan.

Av Halle-Jørn Hanssen