Sudan People`S Liberation – Movements North (SPLM-N)

December 26. 2018
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Sir/Madam !
You may be aware of the political crisis that is engulfing the entire Sudanese cities and towns, including
the national capital, Khartoum. It began with a peaceful protest in ad-Damazin city in Blue Nile State on
13-14 December 2018, moved to Atbara on 19 December and spread to almost the entire cities of Sudan.
In the last thirty-year rule of National Congress Party, the Sudanese people have suffered from lack of
basic freedoms, subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture and prolonged detention without trials, persistent

civil wars in the peripheries, lack of social services economic hardships, to mention but a few.

On Tuesday, 25 December 2018, a union of Sudanese professionals attempted to march to the Presidential

Palace in Khartoum to hand in a memorandum to the incumbent President, Omer al-Bashir, demanding
the Government to hand over the reins of power to people. But, instead of being allowed to do so, they
were confronted with brutal security crackdown by the National Intelligence and Security Services,
Popular Police, Popular Security and Students’ Security, killing dozens of unarmed demonstrators and
grievously wounding hundreds: some of them are in life-threatening conditions in hospitals. Uptodate,
there have been more than 50 dead, over 30 wounded, more than 650 detainees of both males and females
while there are several more whose whereabouts are unknown.
We, the undersigned SPLM-N representatives abroad, urge your governments, organisations, parliaments,
councils, institutions, peace-loving individuals, regional and international bodies to exert maximum
political, economic and diplomatic pressure on the Khartoum regime to respect the will of the Sudanese
people, desist from using all forms of force against its own citizens, listen to the voices of wisdom,
rationality and abide by both home and international laws, charters and covenants to grant the Sudanese
people what they demand.
In lending your influence on behalf of the Sudanese people, history will remember that you have
positively participated in solving the following Sudanese chronic problems:
(1) the Sudanese people will enjoy freedom, democracy, peace and prosperity;
(2) there will be a possibility of reaching peaceful, durable, sustainable and just peace with all armed
groups in the country;
(3) there will be a potential opportunity to end illegal migration to Europe, bearing in mind that
thousands of illegal immigrants have been passing through Khartoum. In fact, Sudan is not only
a conduit to Libya and across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, but it is also a factory producing
more refugees through its genocidal wars against its own citizens;
  • (4) put an end to Khartoum interference in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries, including
    Chad, Libya and recently Central African Republic;
    (5) end the plight of Sudanese refugees in neighbouring countries and internally displaced persons
    within the country; and
    (6) Sudan will no longer be a pariah country; it will be accepted by the international community after
    removing it from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
    Never before had the Sudanese people suffered from such a regime which has lost morality, legitimacy
    and legality because the mass demonstrations of the entire population of Sudan is a referendum in itself
    against the President to go and the entire executive and legislative body to be dissolved and disbanded in
    order to pave the way for the choice of people. It is worth mentioning that Bashir’s regime in Khartoum
    has been implicated in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, for which the head of
    the regime and other key officials in power are indicted to face justice in the International Criminal Court
    in the Hague, the Netherlands. These very crimes were previously committed, and they are still being
    committed, in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile under the pretext of counter-insurgency and in the name
    of jihad (Islamic holy war).
    We do believe that this appeal will find a listening ear, sympathetic heart and lending hand to the
    oppressed people of Sudan to rescue them from the yoke of their own regime though not their choice.
    Thank you very much
    Yours faithfully,
    (1) Omer M Shurkian, SPLM-N Representative in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
    and the Movement’s Spokesman in the United Kingdom;
    (2) Murad Muodia, SPLM-N Representative in France and the Movement Spokesman in France;
    (3) Omer Osman, SPLM-N Representative in Australia and the Movement Spokesman in Australia;
    (4) Naser al-Din Koshaib, SPLM-N Representative in Finland;
    (5) Jako Kajajchu Hinowa Juru, SPLM-N Representative in Norway and the Movement Spokesman
    in Norway;
    (6) Philip Marajan, SPLM-N Representative in the United States of America;
    (7) Abd Allah Tia, SPLM-N Representative in Belgium;
    (8) Mahdi Hammad Tibra, SPLM-N Representative in Germany;
    (9) Sabir Abu Sadia, SPLM-N Representative in South Africa;
    (10) Musa Kuwa Makki, SPLM-N Representative in Egypt;
    (11) Wardi Mahgoub Angolo, SPLM-N Representative in Canada; and
    (12) Yahya Ando, SPLM-N Representative in the Middle East.