Sudan removes all restrictions on aid organisations

Hentet fra Radio Dabanga

Sudan has called upon international humanitarian aid organisations, including those expelled during the deposed Al Bashir regime, to return and carry out their humanitarian operations without restrictions.

In a press statement on Friday, the Sudan Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Abbas Fadlallah confirmed that the commission issued a decision that “Sudan has opened the door wide for the return of all international humanitarian organisations that were expelled during the era of the former regime”. He pledged to remove all restrictions that may hinder the movements of the organisations.

Abbas confirmed that that all the expelled NGOs have permission to operate in all regions of Sudan, including areas under the control of rebel movements.

He pointed out that “NGOs are the right hand of the government in providing services and filling the gaps in humanitarian aids and other services”.

Abbas said that some of the organisations that were expelled by the deposed regime have returned and registered again. “We feel sorry for the way the former regime treated these NGOs,” he said.

He praised MSF (doctors without borders) and its fundamental role in providing services to the South Sudanese refugees and in the host community in the White Nile state. For instance, the opening of the hospital at the El Kashafa Refugee Camp in El Salam locality will contribute to the health sector and provides service to large numbers of refugees and the host communities.