NorthDarfur:Warningsabout deteriorating security situation

The Forces for Freedom and Change, the Transitional Sovereign Council, and theSudanLiberation Army addressed the deterioration of the security conditions in Kutum, NorthDarfur. They highlighted the widespread presence of militias and the frequent security violations in the outskirts of Kutum. Kalma camp in SouthDarfurwas attacked on Tuesday night.


Yahya El Khumus, a leading member of the FFC in Kutum, told Radio Dabanga told Radio Dabanga that the two parties discussed the necessity to expedite the formation of the joint forces to protect civilians.


The meeting emphasised the importance of unity and joint action for the implementation of thepeaceagreement.


Last month, theSudanLiberation Army’s Commander-in-Chief, Lt Gen Juma Hagar, met with Minister of Defence Maj Gen Yasin Ibrahim to discuss the implementation of the JubaPeaceAgreement inDarfur, especially the file on joint armed forces.


According to the JubaPeaceAgreement, these forces should be “composed of the armed forces, the police, and the forces of the movements that have signed thepeaceagreement». At the moment a joint security force, consisting of Central Reserve Police, Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and Rapid Support Forces (RSF), was deployed in West Darfur.


In North Darfur, the Peace Shield Forces were deployed. They are part of the RSF militia and were formed to protect the people in Darfur following the exit of the joint UN-AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).


The rebel movements have not been represented in these joint forces.


There have been numerous protests to demand the withdrawal of the RSF, which were originally set up by ousted dictator Omar Al Bashir and are linked to the Janjaweed who carried out a genocide in Darfur.


According to investigations, Sudan‘s largest paramilitary force carried out nearly 100 attacks against towns, farms, and civilians in North Darfur and Jebel Marra since 2016.


Officially, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) were integrated into the Sudan Armed Forces in August 2019. At the same time, however, the militia stayed a force unto itself.


South Darfur attack


In the Nyala locality of South Darfur, a displaced woman was injured during an attack carried out by armed gunmen at the Kalma camp for the displaced on Tuesday evening.


A spokesperson for the General Coordination of Camps for the Displaced and Refugees said in a statement that armed militias attacked the camp on Tuesday from three directions, firing live ammunition.


The displaced women lived next to the headquarters of the UNAMID mission, which exited Darfur earlier this year.


Public Prosecution in Darfur


In Khartoum, Sudan‘s Attorney General Tajelsir El Hibir announced the decision to postpone the appointments of staff in Darfur until the formation of an expert committee is completed in accordance with the Juba Peace Agreement.


The Public Prosecution has announced the opening of jobs for the people of Darfur in accordance with the percentage established in the Juba Peace Agreement.


Source: Radio Dabanga