Interesting development; USA Envoy to the Horn of Africa, does it mean Biden’s diplomacy “The USA is back!”

Hentet fra The Juba Mirror | Av Suzanne Jambo

Checking the USA newly appointed President Biden’s envoy to the Horn of African, HoA Jeffery Feltman’s background he surely a seasoned USA diplomat on the Arab world.

Will the new USA Special Envoy Feltman to the HoA broaden and adequately highlight other Horn of Africa nations; Somalia and the 2 Sudans, Eritrea, Ethiopia and as far as Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado’s armed rebellions….these insurgencies may all be “well connected”, a network of international radicals complicated by neo-colonialism greed who are exploiting Africa’s various governance weaknesses for their own respective purposes?

From macro impeding possible conflicts, “the Nile is brewing”, to other Africa’s countless pockets of armed rebellions as Uganda’s LRA, Sudan’s “jenjaweed”, Somalia’s al-shabab/al qa’ida networks, Nigeria’s Biko Haram, Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado’s, to countless opportunistic ethnic-based armed groups, Africa’s list of insurgencies are almost endless, countless!

The Ethio-Egypt Nile possible conflict alone will highly incubate and mushroom multiplier countless opportunistic issues, more armed rebellions and further entrench existing armed conflicts in the Region and Africa!

For instance, take the case of the 2 Sudans; Bashir’s national congress party, NCP of over 33 years of existence and its long arm in harbouring and financing terrorism can not be underestimated. Although Bashir was overthrown in 2019, the NCP has planted their elements powerfully in President Kiir’s Juba government. Highly trained, extremely conniving and brutally ruthless, these elements operate as a conduit between “black Africa” and the political Islam-Arab world of what goes in the under world of Qatar, Iran and beyond. The likes of President Kiir’s most senior security adviser Tut Kiu and ruthless general Akol Koor who manages the Juba National Security Services, NSS. Both security bosses are NCP trained, fill in the blanks…. As such, and as has been noted recently, Juba continues to play double standards over the Nile simmering issues; President Kiir has recently hosted the Egyptian president with the latter promising support to Kiir’s government. Kiir has been noted to distance himself lately from Ethiopia. Many South Sudanese read this to be “Kiir warms up to Egypt and somewhat bias toward Egypt while abandoning long-term Ethiopia’s support to South Sudan’s peace…” This is how many of us summed up. It is worth noting that both Sudans are currently suffering from worst economies in recent times, the population maybe used to further anyone’s bidder agenda…. South Sudan has chronic humanitarian crisis and total lack of any decent peace. Fertile grounds for any opportunistic elements in the Region.

Somalia is a breeding ground for radical groups insurgencies and lawlessness; al Shabaa/al Qa’ida, possible insurgencies, regional terrorism training over the Nile brewing issues etc. Etc. Basically, take your pick for any “trigger-happy labour for hire” cause. Lawlessness galore and a super fertile ground for any terrorism training with any political color or agenda!

As such, in the Horn of Africa geo-regional politicking we can’t underestimate Arab-radical political Islam in destabilizing the region and further entrenching dictatorial regimes and insecurities in the region….

The recent mysterious killing of Chad’s Idriss Debby is a reminder of how huge the fight against terrorism in Africa (Sahel; Mali, Niger, Libya, Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mozambique’s Cabo delgado’s armed radicals….), indispensability of an octogenarian ruler…. ——What is good governance, democracy in the face of radical insurgencies…and or, fledgling democracies as Kenya’s and subsequent “neo-colonialism” related huge external debts. South Africa and Nigeria are similar with periodical elections but deeply entrenched in endemic corruption.

It’s like in Africa; “we can’t win…indispensable corrupt dictators, violent ethnic divisions leaders, corrupt fledgeling democracies—-all are looting from Africa together with their endless external thieves….” many Africans are dismayed.

The end result is that Africa is deeply rooted in a vicious cycle of insecurities complicated by and intertwined with artificial abject poverty, endemic corruption, resources-based conflicts and enrichment, bad governance, high level of ignorance, insecurities and radicalism and resources-based insurgences. A fertile ground for exploitation by anyone who wishes to massive loot Africa’s resources and beyond.