National Consensus leading member rejects “People of Sudan” initiative

Hentet fra Sudan Tribune

August 8, 2022 (KHARTOUM) – A leading member of the National Consensus coalition rejected the initiative “People of Sudan” initiative launched by a religious leader, saying that it reflects the ousted regime and its supporters.

Last July, Tayeb al-Jed a Sufi dignitary proposed to hold an inclusive conference to discuss the way out of the current political crisis in Sudan and adopt a roadmap to be implemented by a government of technocrats before general elections.

The initiative, which is supported by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, excludes all the groups of the Forces for Freedom and Change and embraced the former rebel groups of the National Consensus coalition, Islamist groups as well as former allies of the al-Bashir regime.

“The initiative of the People of Sudan is a circumvention of the project of the revolution by obscurantist forces,” Hafiz Abdel Nabi, Head of the National Consensus Political Committee e, told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

He pointed out that this initiative was made by the former regime and its followers, and the National Consensus “will not participate in it because it will reproduce the regime of ousted President Omer al-Bashir.”

“We stand with the makers of the revolution from the political and revolutionary forces and the Resistance Committees that lead the protests against military rule,” he further said before concluding that ” the armed movements believe in the causes of the December revolution”.

The elder religious leader received last week Minni Minnawi and Gibril Ibrahim of the National Consensus.

Noreldaem Taha, a close aide to Minnawi and National Consensus deputy Secretary-General called for a dialogue between the forces of the revolution saying the lack of political agreement between them led to the current situation.

In his speech before a meeting organized by the Sudanese Bar on Monday stressed the need for this political agreement “Because no one can exclude the other,” he said after underscoring they founded the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) together with the other political and civil society groups.

The FFC leaders reject the initiative of the People of Sudan, pointing out that al-Jed is used by the Islamists and the military compound to restore the former regime.