Arman urges international collaboration to resolve Sudan conflict

Hentet fra  Sudan Tribune , Nov 28th 2023

 Yasir Arman, the leader of the SPLM-N Revolutionary Democratic Current, called for international collaboration to address the root causes and geopolitical dimensions of the Sudanese conflict.

The SPLM-N RDC leader made his remarks in a conference about the seven-month crisis in Sudan organized by the Sudan and South Sudan Support Group in Oslo, Norway. Notable attendees included senior Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives, humanitarian organizations, officials, and researchers, alongside individuals supporting Sudanese causes over the years.

Speaking about the ongoing conflict between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, Arman traced the origins of the Sudanese war to the nation’s complex history, emphasizing the failure to establish a unifying national project that recognizes Sudan’s diversity.

He emphasized the need for a comprehensive solution that addresses the historical, political, economic, and security dimensions of the conflict. He also called for a humanitarian cessation of hostilities to alleviate human suffering.

He highlighted the need to link the October 25, 2021 coup, the ongoing war, and the December Revolution when shaping the political process to end the conflict. He called for a political settlement that aligns with the objectives of the December Revolution.

The prominent leading member of the pro-democracy coalition, Forces for Freedom and Change stressed the need to hold war perpetrators accountable.

Recognizing Sudan’s strategic significance, he urged Europe to work towards a durable resolution to prevent the escalation of issues like terrorism, human trafficking, and immigration.

He proposed unifying various forums, fostering partnerships, and creating a collaborative framework to resolve the conflict. Arman suggested leveraging efforts from IGAD, the African Union, and other initiatives to streamline a resolution through the United Nations Security Council.

Source: Arman urges international collaboration to resolve Sudan conflict – Sudan Tribune