South Sudan army in fresh accusations of attacking civilians

Hentet fra The EastAfrican | Av Joseph Oduha

South Sudan’s army is once again in the spotlight for alleged mistreatment and harassment of civilians in Yei River State in Central Equatoria.

A catholic clergy based in  southwest town of Yei town is accusing the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) deployed in the region of assaulting innocent civilians and once again destroying trust and confidence between the troops and area residents.

Father Emmanuel Lodongo Sebit said that the harassment is taking place under government command for unknown purposes. He urged the forces to exercise maximum professionalism and avoid turning their guns on civilians who know nothing about politics or power-struggle.

Human-rights groups “Do the assignment, but do not start asking innocent people a lot of questions,” the local Easter Radio quoted the priest on Sunday.

Efforts to get official comment from the SPLA were unfruitful. Various human-rights reports have linked South Sudan’s army to cases of harassment, torture and killing of innocent civilians while in combat with rebels.

Recently, government struck a peace deal with rebels based in Yei to pave the way for permanent peace in the troubled town.