Et kontinent på rett vei

Det er mye som går galt her i verden, men ved årsskiftet må det være lov å si at det er ting som går rett vei. Til og med i Afrika

South Sudan’s youth live a life of war and daytime partying

With the dangers facing South Sudan’s youth, occasions where young people in the country come together are rare. However, a section of youngsters in the capital of Juba are defying the dangers of war to hit the clubs during daylight hours – one of the few escapes they can enjoy from the country’s ongoing conflict

Gold alone can solve Sudan’s economic problems: Minister

If the gold produced in Sudan were not sold but used as a guarantee for financing, the country’s financial problems would be solved, says Minister of Minerals Dr Hashem Ali Salem. Meanwhile, the economic situation continues to deteriorate, with the country’s reserves of cooking gas almost depleted, and soaring prices of consumer goods