Pressemelding fra STEPS

30 juli 2018

We, STEPS are a non-violent and peace and unity seekers and lovers political party with an aim of uniting
all 64 tribes in peace, harmony and prosperity. We do loudly call for and embrace an inclusive,
accountable, representative and permanent peace agreement that seeks to achieve equality, freedom,
unity and development for all the people of South Sudan, regardless of their tribal and political affiliations.
We aspire for a peace that restores the dignity, aspirations, pride and true freedom for our displaced, shattered and victimized citizens without fear of torture, violence and insecurity.

However, the Peace Agreement that took place on the 26th June, 2018 between President Kiir and 1st VP
Machar in Khartoum, has excluded any definition of the meaning of Peace Deal by eliminating many vital
elements for a comprehensive and inclusive agreement to take place, such as the civil societies, the youth,
women, faith based entities, and peaceful and non-violent political parties.

The agreement that took place in Khartoum is fragile, incomplete and is doomed to collapse eventually.
This Power sharing agreement carries no guarantees for Peace and prosperity in the new troubled nation
of South Sudan. This is just a resettlement type of agreement between two short sighted leaders who are responsible for the killings and the torturing of innocent civilians including women and children in SouthSudan. All what they are after is the satisfaction of their own greedy personal interest and gains- nothing
else. This deal has nothing in it for South Sudanese people and it is not long lasting either. This is a short
lived Peace Agreement with no any direction or roadmap for ending the conflict, and the agonies and
sufferings of the people of South Sudan.

We, as STEPS hence call on the government to stop tormenting its own citizens by exploiting our God’s
given resources and utilizing and sharing it irresponsibly. We also call for an immediate ceasefire and
recourse to the rightful and peaceful means in achieving a permanent and ever lasting peace.

Ms. Suzanne Jambo

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