Sudan junta ready for the transition, El Mahdi calls for Code of Conduct

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The chairman of the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, said in a speech on the occasion of the Eid El Adha on Sunday that the TMC is determined to make the coming interim period successful. El Sadig El Mahdi called for an “ethical basis” to guide the cooperation between the military and the opposition in the interim period.

The country is “in dire need of concerted efforts of all its people in all fields of expertise, for the construction, development, reconstruction, and realisation of its interests”, he said.

The junta leader added that “The challenges and the economic situation in Sudan require everyone to protect what has been agreed upon [in the Constitutional Declaration]”.

He said all should be prepared “to lay the foundations for a civilian rule based on citizenship, freedom, and justice, as these days, Sudan is in dire need of solidarity and cohesion in order to face the challenges and overcome all the reasons that led to the exclusion of people in this nation.”

Code of Conduct

The president of the National Umma Party, El Sadig El Mahdi, said in a speech on the occasion of Eid El Adha on Sunday that the Constitutional Declaration is an important step forward for the country.

The coming interim period will require close cooperation between the military and the FFC, El Mahdi stated.

He proposed the compilation of a Code of Conduct as “an ethical basis” for this “so-much needed cooperation”.

The Umma Party leader emphasised that the leadership council of the FFC is responsible for the formation of the Sovereign Council and the Cabinet. “Any statements or nominations issued by other bodies than the FFC Leadership Council are invalid and bring only confusion and chaos,” he said.

New government

The TMC and FFC agreed on the contents of the Constitutional Declaration on August 3. The ceremonial signing of the 250-pages document will take place on August 17.

The following day, the names of the 11 members of the Sovereign Council that will govern Sudan during an interim period of 39 months in the run-up to elections, will be announced.

August 20 will see the announcement of Sudan’s new Prime Minister. The composition of the Cabinet is planned to be finalised on August 28.