South Sudan National Dialogue Update Briefing

Webinar 21 mai kl. 18—20

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The Initiative for Peacebuilding, University of Melbourne with Africa World Books Community Education will host a Webinar on Friday 21st May, 10am – 12pm (AEST).

The National Dialogue is both a forum and process through which the people of South Sudan can gather to redefine the basis of their unity as it relates to nationhood, redefine citizenship and belonging, restructuring the state and renegotiate a social contract and revitalize their aspirations for development and membership in the community of nations.

The National Dialogue (ND) has been underway since 2017. Whilst initiated and launched by the President, the National Dialogue is not a government-owned process. The Dialogue is owned and led by South Sudanese. It is a chance for all South Sudanese to define and shape the future of their country.

Inclusivity is fundamental to how National Dialogue works – supporting community members to participate and contribute to the dialogue and add their voices and ideas to solving the challenges facing South Sudan.

About this Webinar Meeting:

The ND’s current activities and work as part of the country’s current peace process will be the basis for this briefing on the National Dialogue. This Webinar meeting aims to support engagement with Australian South Sudanese community members and those interested in supporting the ND process.

Dr. Lual A. Deng, Coordinator of the National Dialogue Secretariat will present an update for Australian South Sudanese community members and all interested in supporting the peace process in South Sudan. Dr. Deng is an influential South Sudanese speaker, author, and policy expert and has a key role in the National Dialogue as the Coordinator of the Secretariat. He is a member of South Sudan’s parliament, the National Legislative Assembly.

Mr Peter Deng, Africa World Books Community Education and Dr Tania Miletic, Initiative for Peacebuilding will moderate a Q&A with participants following Dr Lual’s update.