Statement from the Troika Specials Envoys on their joint visit to Kauda

Uttalelse fra Norges Utenriksdepartement

Yesterday we, the Special Envoys to Sudan and South Sudan from the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States (the Troika), visited Kauda to meet the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North/Abdelaziz al-Hilu, together with Special Representative of the Secretary General to Sudan, Volker Perthes. To succeed, Sudan’s transition needs all its people. We applaud the efforts of the Government of Sudan and the SPLM-N/al-Hilu to reach a peace agreement. We were extremely encouraged by both parties signing up to the Declaration of Principles on 28 March which shows that it’s possible to move forward on important issues like separation of state and religion. We encouraged the SPLM-N National Liberation Council to build on this success, join the New Sudan and help bring about lasting peace.