R-JMEC head says no progress in unification of forces, permanent constitution making process

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The head of South Sudan’s peace monitoring Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) Maj. Gen. Charles Tai Gituai has said that there is no progress in implementation of key provisions of the revitalized peace agreement.

Speaking during the RJMEC monthly meeting in Juba on Thursday, Gituai said that there is no progress in the permanent constitution-making progress as the constitution review commission is not yet reconstituted and key institutions not yet established.

“Regarding the making of the Permanent Constitution, there is no further progress to report,” he said.

“The National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC) is yet to be reconstituted and the other mechanisms like Constitutional Drafting Committee (CDC) and Preparatory Page 11 of 13 Sub-Committee (PSC) for the National Constitutional Conference, have not yet been established as required by the Constitution Making Process Act,” he added.

He said however that he has information that parties to the revitalized peace agreement have submitted their nominees for some institutions including the National Constitution Review Commission (NCRC).

“However, I am informed that the stakeholders have all submitted their lists of nominated representatives to reconstitute the National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC) and establish the Preparatory Sub-Committee (PSC),” he said.

“The Parties have agreed on the allocation of membership within the NCRC and PSC. I urge the Parties to submit the list of their nominees in order to hasten the reconstitution of the NCRC and establishment of the PSC,” he added.

Gituai further reported that there is no also progress on the unification of peace forces as the parties have not yet deployed the Necessary Unified Forces (NUF) which were graduated late last year and have not as well started the training of the forces in phase two.

“On the unification of forces, there is no new progress to report regarding the redeployment of Phase I Necessary Unified Forces, nor the commencement of Phase II NUF training. I would like to hear an update from the RTGoNU and the JDB on these pending tasks.” Gituai said.