Troika-uttalelse om fredsprosessen i Sør-Sudan – oktober 2019

Hentet fra  |Utenriksdepartementet 21. oktober 2019

På et kritisk tidspunkt for fredsprosessen i Sør-Sudan er det viktige med fortsatt press for å danne en overgangsregjering som inkluderer alle parter og viser vilje til reell fred, heter det i en uttalelse fra den såkalte troikaen (USA, Storbritannia og Norge) om situasjonen i Sør-Sudan.

South Sudan faces a critical moment in the journey toward a peaceful and prosperous future.  There are now less than four weeks for political leaders to form a transitional government as they committed to in the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.  The United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway (the Troika) have consistently welcomed assurances by the parties to implement the agreement and meet its deadlines, and hoped that recent meetings between South Sudan’s leadership show a renewed spirit of cooperation.  We commend the actions of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to broker the agreement and maintain momentum and take hope from the continued reduction in overall violence in South Sudan.

For too long, conflict has been waged at the expense of South Sudan’s most vulnerable and continues to exacerbate humanitarian needs.  We encourage the parties, especially the current government, to take concrete steps to build trust through enhanced cooperation.  With the November 12 deadline looming, extended from May, much more needs to be done urgently to ensure the success of the transitional government.  Progress would help maintain the confidence of all the parties and the international community, demonstrate that the parties have the political will to work together during the transitional period, and provide the opportunity for the international community to engage productively with an inclusive, new government.

We welcome the discussions of IGAD countries in Addis Ababa last week; the region and the international community’s investment and engagement in a peaceful South Sudan remains important.  The Troika will continue to stand with and support the people of South Sudan, who want and deserve peace and a government that that protects its people.  We urge the South Sudanese parties to meet the November 12 deadline to form a transitional government that will enable the conditions for a constructive relationship during the next phase of South Sudan’s peace process.  We encourage South Sudanese leaders to build on momentum generated by the ongoing UNSC visit to South Sudan to accelerate such progress.»