Information about the documentation project submitted to the National Archives-


Information about the documentation project submitted to the National Archives in South Sudan Newsletter April 2022
To members of the Support Group for Sudan and South Sudan:

Then it finally happened. We went to Juba and handed over our material from the ‘Documentation Project’ to the National Archives in South Sudan! The actual presentation took place at the Norwegian Embassy in Juba, with Ambassador Siv Kaspersen as the host and Vice President Rebecca Garang de Mabior as an official recipient. The head of the South Sudan National Archives represented the archive, and approximately fifty guests were present who viewed the exhibition of photos and film. The event was a great success, and the response was brilliant! Everything was sent to the archive the next day, and the delegation had a long collaborative meeting there. It has been a long process to get this ship to port. In fact, the idea was put forward as far back as 2014, but it took several years before we were finally awarded NOK 400,000 from the embassy in Juba in 2019. From that date we had one year to submit a report and accounts, but fortunately, two years to complete the project. The board of SFS appointed a working group consisting of Linda Thu, (leader) Arthur Høyen, Kristen Fløgstad, Kjell-Håkon Salicath, Henrik Stabell and Tomm Kristiansen. The group has made a formidable effort, and the result is impressive! THANK YOU!! It has collected over 2000 photos, films, etc., which are digitized and with metadata that tells what, who and where — which is necessary for the material to qualify for a professional archive. The group has had a successful collaboration with the National Archives in South Sudan and the archive at the Agder Museum, where the Norwegian copy will be located. Now it is only to be hoped that the cooperation between the archives can be continued, and that the National Archives receive the necessary support! A booklet has been published with photos and a presentation of the project. We would like you to obtain a copy, so please get in touch with us if you have not yet received it! Otherwise, the project with photos and films will be presented in connection with SF’s annual conference, annual meeting, and service around the weekend of May 20 – 22. Invitations will be sent after Easter but set aside time now! We were also lucky enough to attend Norwegian Church Aid’s celebration of its 50th anniversary in Sudan and South Sudan. It was a magnificent celebration with speeches, singing, and dancing, and many partners, organizations, and friends were present. This event was also very successful, and it was a great pleasure to be present! Congratulations! Norwegian Church Aid will also celebrate its 75th anniversary this year. We are pleased with these positive outcomes but must, unfortunately, state that the situation in both Sudan and South Sudan offers little comfort. The level of conflict is high in both places. While extreme weather events, insecurity, and hunger characterize the lives of the civilian population, the authorities that should be responsible for safeguarding the populace are more concerned with themselves, their privileges, and power. Overall, there is little to rejoice over in that way. But it is good to hear that our small support group means something to many, that we do not forget the people of Sudan and South Sudan. Thank you for your continued membership. We need you! For SFS Marit Hernæs, Manager.