Press Release on the Latest Proposal on Outstanding Issues of Governance


Date:16th July 2018
Contact: Kwaje Lasu
+1-336-575-5965 (Direct/WhatsApp)

Press Release on the Latest Proposal on Outstanding Issues of Governance

As the eyes and ears of the downtrodden people of South Sudan are fixated on Khartoum HLRF mediation itching to hear and/or see a return of a genuine, just, and sustainable peace to South Sudan. South Sudan Opposition alliance (SSOA) would like to take this opportunity to inform the people of South Sudan, our supporters and friends that today 16th of July 2018, we have received a proposal on
the Outstanding Issues of Governance serving as bridging proposal, however, with mixed reaction. In its current status, this proposal failed to address the root
causes and core issues that brought the country to its knees. Hence, SSOA is preparing its written response rejecting this proposal. Because the people of South Sudan had suffered enough and they deserved a genuine PEACE!

As always, SSOA had all along been advocating for addressing the root causes to the conflict, lean government and a federal system of governance, beginning with a
clear devolution of power and resources to the states as well as the localities. We wish to assure our membership, sympathizers and the public at large that SSOA will continue to engage in the peace process in search for a just and sustainable peace.

That is the only way to alleviate the suffering of our people and stop the current downslide of the country into an abyss.

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