Statement by the Press Secretary on the South Sudan Peace Proces.

Hentet fra  THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 22, 2018

The United States continues to support the people of South Sudan and their aspirations for freedom, peace and prosperity, but we are deeply concerned about the direction of the current peace process.  The only hope for success is a process that is widely inclusive of the views of the South Sudanese people and that engages civil society, churches, women, and other excluded groups.  A narrow agreement between elites will not solve the problems plaguing South Sudan.  In fact, such an agreement may sow the seeds of another cycle of conflict.  Therefore, the United States condemns the legislative measure to extend unilaterally the government’s term in office.  We urge the Government of South Sudan to commit fully to negotiations that are truly inclusive and result in a new, representative, and accountable transitional government that grants a meaningful voice and power in governance and security to civil society and opposition groups—including opposition groups that have not resorted to violence during the current conflict.
As a first step, the parties to the conflict must implement the cessation of hostilities and ceasefire agreements they have signed.  The violence must stop now, and the parties must be held accountable for violating these commitments.  To alleviate the suffering of South Sudanese civilians, the United States welcomes the United Nations Security Council arms embargo, and we call on regional partners and United Nations member states to enforce fully this measure and to stem the flow of arms into South Sudan.  The United States is prepared to sanction additional persons engaged in corrupt activity and those who threaten the peace, security, or stability of South Sudan.  We call on regional leaders and financial institutions to ensure that the proceeds from corrupt activity do not flow through their jurisdictions, and we call on them to block and freeze those assets that do.  South Sudan’s scarce resources should be preserved for peace and development.
South Sudan’s political leaders, including President Kiir and SPLM-IO leader Machar, have not demonstrated the leadership required to bring genuine peace and accountable governance to South Sudan.  We remain skeptical that they can oversee a peaceful and timely transition to democracy and good governance.  The United States will not be a guarantor of any agreement, and will not fund—or call for additional United Nations resources—to support the transitional government, in the absence of a sustained, demonstrated commitment to peace, inclusivity, financial accountability and good governance.
The South Sudanese people deserve an end to the violence and a future marked by prosperity and freedom from fear. We remain committed to supporting the South Sudanese people and to saving lives, and we continue to share their aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous tomorrow.