South Sudan’s Kiir asks opposition to nominate delegates for pre-transitional body

Sudan Tribune  Sunday 23 September 2018

President Salva Kiir formally on Saturday requested the opposition groups to nominate their members for a National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) in line with the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

During his second day in Khartoum, President Kiir met with the opposition leaders including Riek Machar, SPLM-IO leader, Gabriel Chang Changson and Lam Akol of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance, Deng Alor of the Former Detainees, and Peter Mayen Majongdit of the Other Political Parties as well as the delegations of their groups.

The meetings held at the Sudanese presidency in Khartoum discussed ways to implement the peace agreement and promote peace across the country after the signing of the revitalized peace agreement on 12 September.

In a statement released after the meeting, the South Sudanese presidency said that President Kiir handed over a letter to Machar and the other opposition leaders requesting them to nominate their representatives to the pre-transitional body to facilitate the implementation of the Revitalised peace agreement.

In line with the signed peace pact, the NPTC has to oversight and coordinate the implementation of the activities of the 8-month pre-transitional period. It should be formed by President Kiir within two weeks of signing the peace agreement.

The pre-transitional body comprises ten members five (5) nominated by the incumbent government, two for SLPM/A-IO, one for SSOA, one for FDs, and one for OPP. The committee shall be chaired by the government representative with two deputy chairs to be nominated by SPLM-IO and SSOA respectively.

«President Salva Kiir urged the opposition groups to be serious on the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement and he reiterated the commitment of the government to work with the opposition groups to ensure the peace agreement is adhered to in letter and spirit,» said the South Sudanese presidential press unit in its statement.

On Friday evening, the Sudanese presidency organised a dinner in honour of President Kiir and other signatories of the peace agreement. Political leaders and foreign diplomats were invited to the party.

During his meeting with Machar, President Kiir extended him an invitation to take part in a peace celebration ceremony the government plans to organise in Juba with the participation of the IGAD leaders.

An SPLM-IO deputy spokesperson, Manawa Peter Gatkuoth, told the official SUNA that Kiir and Machar discussed the need to create a suitable atmosphere for the implementation of the peace agreement.

Gatkuoth further agreed that the said that Kiir invited the SPLM-IO to send a delegation to take part in a nationwide campaign for peace promotion.

SSOA leading member Lam Akol told reporters after the meeting that the opposition alliance is ready to provide the names of its representatives to the different committees that would participate in the pre-implementation period.

He further pointed to the importance of speeding up the implementation of the peace agreement saying the people of South Sudan are eager for peace and want to return to their areas of origin.

While Deng Alor said that their meeting with Kiir agreed on the need for a collective action and joint coordination between those involved in the implementation of the agreement for the benefit of the people of South Sudan so that they enjoy security and stability.

For his part, the head of the OPP, Peter Mayen Majongdit expressed their readiness to implement the revitalized agreement and to join hands with the other forces to overcome the difficulties facing the enforcement process.