Statement – Call for Civil Disobedience


The head of the Supreme Council in Sudan announced a coup against the revolution and the civil/democratic transition in Sudan with the arrest of the Sudanese Prime Minister and some of ministers in addition to some Supreme Council’s civilian members. While suspending communications and internet service and closure of the Sudanese airspace.


We reject what was stated in the statement of al-Burhan totally and completely!

We call on the people in Sudan to continue their peaceful revolution and to start comprehensive civil disobedience in the country. We call on the Sudanese in the diaspora to demonstrate against the coup in front of Sudanese embassies and foreign affairs ministries in the countries in which they reside; we also warn the Military from being violent against the peaceful demonstrators who took to the streets in defense of their rights for freedom, peace, justice and a decent life. We urge them to immediately release all detainees.


We call on the international community, especially the troika countries not to recognize the coup that took place under the pretext of correcting the transition, and to put pressure on the military to hand over power and release the detainees.


Mohamed Khalid Garelnabi

President – Sudanese human rights activists – Norway

October 25 2021