NRC Report: Sudan – One Hundred Days of War

Norwegian Refugee Council  NRC – 24.7.2023

Today July 24th marks the 100th day of war in Sudan

NRC is publishing a new report that looks at the overall humanitarian impact of the war and offers a commentary on the humanitarian response:

We will be also publishing a series of stories and videos on our social media this week, to raise awareness on the crisis.

Here are our key points:

  • The country is on the brink of collapse, facing an unprecedented series of crises due to the war. Thousands of lives have been lost, homes and displacement camps reduced to ashes, and millions of people displaced within or across borders. The war is disrupting all aspects of life, and affects the country far beyond the conflict zone. But this is bound to deteriorate further. Violence and displacement have not ceased and the country is faced with looming natural disaster and a hunger crisis.
  • Humanitarian organizations have been tirelessly working to provide assistance and protection, but they face significant obstacles. Access to people in need has been severely impeded, with visa denials and dependence on conflicted government stakeholders hindering effective aid distribution. The humanitarian coordination system is struggling to adapt and must undergo a complete reset and restructuring to be more relevant, effective, and coherent with the needs on the ground.
  • For the international community, this is a call for change.  Sudan was for too long one of the world’s most neglected crisis, and this must be reversed. The international community has an essential role to play: to demand the protection of civilians, call for a principled humanitarian action to reach those in need with timely and appropriate interventions, and to increase funding for the humanitarian response in Sudan and the region.

The report Sudan – One Hundred Days of War report is public, and we invite you to share it widely.