NRC report – Sudan Economic landscape 2023


This NRC report analyses the complex economic landscape in 2023 Sudan for humanitarians.

It provides a diagnostic of the current macroeconomic challenges in Sudan and the state of the financial system, and an analysis of the key risks that these problems pose for humanitarian programming and operations. The first section of the document provides essential background information about Sudan that informs the understanding of the current economic situation. The following sections are the diagnostic of economic problems and how they impact humanitarians. The final section provides operational, programmatic and policy recommendations for how to navigate the current state of play and preparedness actions for possible deterioration of the situation in the short and medium term.

Among the key findings, the report emphasises the pressing need for adapting humanitarian interventions to the rapidly changing economic conditions and preparing for potential financial downturns.

The major recommendations highlight the importance of incorporating inflation forecasts into all financial planning, prioritising a cash-first approach, and fostering robust communication channels with financial service providers. Additionally, it calls for diversifying financial mechanisms and fostering resilience