National Consensus Forum

Press Release November 14, 2023


The peaceloving South Sudanese People and the NCF are outraged
by the recent provocative attempt by the illegal de facto
Government of South Sudan to introduce a Land bill, that the Land
belongs to the People. This violates the rights of South Sudanese
Communities in the ownership of their ancestral Land and will
intensify, galvanize, legalize, or sanction the massive ongoing Land
grabbing particularly in many parts of rural South Sudan, including
Greater Equatoria, Western BahrElGhazal, and in Upper Nile
Region. This practice triggers intercommunal violence, one of the
major root causes of the conflict in the country. This undemocratic
malpractice is unfortunately carried out at both the national and
state levels of government. The extent of such practices in urban
and rural communities are farreaching. Agricultural production, a
major source of livelihood in rural South Sudan is adversely
affected, provoking either migration or fighting, resulting in
unnecessary killing seen all over South Sudan.

The implications of national and state level governments in the
practices of land grabbing are not only limited to Juba, Bor,
Rumbek, Yei, and all the other developing towns in South Sudan
but rather extend beyond the developing urban centers to rural

communities that practice agriculture for their survival and
livelihood. The forceful displacement and killing of people all over
South Sudan, especially by armed herders did not happen in a
vacuum but with the support of negative elements in the system.

Land tenure and usage presented serious governance challenges
even before independence but have since increased. President
Kiir’s poor governance ignores attention to the issue. Many citizens
have lost their lives, been disabled, or lost properties due to
mismanagement. Introducing such a sensitive issue should have
been preceded by proper consultations, information sessions, and
inclusive debate before passing a selfish bill.

The National Consensus Forum condemns the passage of this bill
in the strongest terms possible and appeals to all peaceloving
South Sudanese people, Friends of South Sudan, the Regional
Authorities, and the International Community to stand together in
solidarity against this de facto Government’s notorious Land Policy
and encourages President Kiir to withdraw the policy and prioritize
peace. Instead of resorting to the noble pursuits of reconciliation
and peacemaking, President Salva Kiir is pursuing divisive
practices that will fracture and lead to the disintegration and
collapse of the nation. Peace and stability can only be achieved by
joining the NCF’s call for an inclusive Roundtable Conference to
allow all the people of South Sudan to discuss the root causes of
the conflict in the country; and addressing these problems together
and achieve a New Social Contract and Political Dispensation for
the Country that will bring stability, freedom and Justice,
development, and prosperity for all.

The National Consensus Forum (NCF) is an umbrella
organization comprising 21 South Sudanese Political,
Civil Society, Women, Youth, and FaithBased
Organizations and the Academic and Professional
Association and represents a major segment of the
South Sudanese Society.